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Ive had body dysmorphic disorder for 2 years now (im 16).  But its gotten worse this year, im skipping college because i hate going outside.  I started to be just obsessed with my hair, as i got older it got worse, then i got obsessed with my nose and even my chin and now i just hate my whole body.  I told my mum last year about february, how i was feeling, she took me to see my GP and he just put it down to depression.  But i never got counselling.

A few weeks ago i went to college and my hair was a complete mess, well i thought it was.  I hated it so much i went home had a shower, washed my hair and went back for my afternoon classes.  I have absolutely no one to talk to, i cant talk to my mum, i really cant.

Last year i started cutting my arms, but then i stopped because i got a bit better for a couple of months, but ive started doing it again because i just cant take feeling like this anymore.  I hate it.  I feel like its controlling my life.

I want to know im not alone, i just want someone to talk too...

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No one is ever alone in this world. i know i have felt i've been alone. But there's always someone to talk to, who will be eager to listen. I would recommend you to pray on it and try to read the scriptures. Hey, is just a thing I do when i feel overwhelmed and it does help me. YOu have so much potential, you can do it. Don't stress it, girl. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

you need to see a shrink im dyspraxic i have a whole list of things i cant get help with becuase i cant afford to pay for one usual the nhs would help except becuase its usualy diagnosed in children its not worth helping adults. i went through life with a shadow a cloud wrapped around me never undertanding always worried i was wrong broken. friends can help but being able to talk with a proffesional who can explain who can show you tips tricks to get you through the day get you out of that blacknes and help you move past it is the only way to go

OhI would be glad to talk to you when I am on line. And I have the cutest grandson's college and high school. No I am not the only one who thinks so the girls are always calling! There friends always like to hang with me!Please do not cut yourself any more and scar yourself. You mighthaveto tell your children about it some day. And what about swimming suits and prom dresses?

Well girls we all have our own disfunctionsa nd dislikes about our selves. Even the people who seem to be the most confident have their own insecurities. Ah and the rich people aren't happy either.<br />
these things are true. I was alwasy told I was a beautiful girl and beautiful woman and never felt like it. I have since looked back at some pictures and they weren't half bad.I want to know if Mom has not helped how about a school counselor. Blood when you cut yourself not sure I understand this cutting thing or if it is making you feel better. Thing is you need something to believe in something to fill your sweet spirit with , have you tried church or friends who are chrisitans? God created you perfect...<br />
There is not another person or soul like you. You are perfect in his eyes and in your Moms/Dads andfamily eyes. Probably seems corny me telling you this,but he is there and you are wonderful. When we girls get our hormones kind of like guys do it changes our feelings daily. Write a journal about how you feel everyday so you can look back at journey of being a teenager who does not feel good about herself. You could be the one person out there to save another girl from feeling bad about herself. Step back look at your younger pictures you were pretty then and you are now. The one thing we must realize is beauty is ever fleeting and not the most important part of your life( I know boys thing) It is what you are inside that truly makes a person beautiful. How you share and that you do not get caught up inside yourself. Take walks and watch birds ors ome small thing smile at others it may be that your smile is the only one they have had in weeks. There are alot of lonely people in this world they also do not feel good about themselves. Find the things you like about yourself make a list think about it ask others friends or family what they can tell you about you. OH don't ask brothers sometimes they just say stuff to hurt,unless you have an exceptional one like mine. Make yourself beter.<br />
Remember you are loved by a greater love than this. God Loves YOU JUSt LIKE YOU ARE. Take my family motto with you and keep it in your heart as reminder THIS TO SALL PASS sAY IT TO YOUR SELF THIS TO SHALL PASS. SPEAK GOODNESS TO OTHERS AND ON YOURSELF.

Hello there my names lucy , this sounds a bit simular to the way i feel . Sometimes i get so obsessed<br />
i havent told anyone i thought it wa s the way i am , but i never used to feel like this . I havent even told my doctor . I've left uni in the days because i think i look so bad for the outside world , sometimes i just want to pull my hair out . And my face looks ugly to me , but everyone says oh your pretty but that doesnt matter its what i think . Sometimes i never want to face the outside world but people push me too and it makes me feel so much worse . <br />
<br />