Does Anybody Else Think They Look Like A Boy Or The Opposite Sex?

I got diagnosised with BDDS in January, I've always have low self-esteem and felt self-conscious, but it just has gotten chronic, that I had to go to a physcologist. When I went finally went I never knew how bad I was,  I lost 10 pounds cause I wasnt getting eating, I was pale and very depressed. Anyways I kept thinking I look like a boy, like I'm so hermaphodite monster, I've had people say I look like a boy about 10, and thats who are brave and will say it to my face, but I know more people are just keeping it in. I dont know what makes me look so, I keep changing the reason, first I thought it was my jaw, it just look so well defined like a man's, then I thought it was my nose its so big, then my eyes and it keeps changing. I dont let down my hair I think it makes my face more defined like a man, but now I feel keeping it up, is just make every flaw more appearent and so I feel trapped, and scared and sad. Can someone give me some advice and has anyone else tought they looked like the opposite sex?

abbykimz abbykimz
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2010

As hard as things can be for you, listen to your heart. No matter what people say YOU are YOU. Yes, at times I feel like that but it's not something to be ashamed of. Everyone is special,don't forget that. The people who are not gonna accept you, should be out of your life. I think you need to start thinking on what you can do to feel better, if you want to feel better. You are a child of god and he loves you. I am not trying to convert you. I am just saying. The only person who has a right to judge, is him. No one else. Stay strong. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!