How To Tell Someone I Have Bdd ?

Have you ever told anyone you have body dysmorphic disorder, face to face ?  Like a friend or a family member ?  If you did, how did it feel ?  Did you feel good to let someone know ?

My mum knows somethings wrong, and so does my closet friend but i cant tell them.  I mean i try to, but i just cant.  I feel ashamed, and embarrassed.  I feel like if i tell them they will keep staring at me or turn around and say "Yes you are ugly."

I dont know what to do.  I want to tell someone but im scared.

Emma93 Emma93
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

It seems that every girl I meet thinks that there is something wrong with the way she looks. Real beauty comes from within. I understand that what your going through is medical, not concieved so don't take me wrong, but...<br />
There is nothing wrong with the way you look. True I've never seen you, but I KNOW that your not ugly, and no one who loves you will say that you are. So go ahead and tell them. They can help you, that's what they're there for; to be your family.

yeah it will be hard if you tell but it will be good for you and they'll probably feel hurt but they'll also find you the best help and support you (..although i dont know your family). maybe it would help if u told your friend first and she could help you find a way to tell your mum. <br />
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dont take this as the right answer..> i never told my parents anything about anything... the most important thing is to get healthy.. but saying that, i have major problems with my parents as now they dont understand me (cause they dont know anything ive gone through. i dont recommend this)<br />
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you should try eating stuff that only sickkk people/ nutritionalists eat, like uberly healthy foods and antioxidants. you'll shine and stay thin :)