Water Fasting

i happened to come across this awesome thing while surfing the net...it is called fasting....to make it clear i have heard of sch a thing before but never really put to much thought into it.... anyways i saw that these people were going for weeks or months on just water or juice....there reasons for it being for god, to cleanse ones colon, and to loose weight...and i was like oh my gosh!!! i can so do this....i decided to do the water fast for a week just to see how it would feel before pushing it further....and after 2 days of it my stomach that was bloated was back to being flat....FYI when my stomach gets like that i sometimes go up to a size 30 or if really bloated a 31....but anyways i was a size 29 again.....lol....ahhh i am feeling awesome....of course now i just need to fix everything else....before i can feel ok about going out in my awesome cloths...-non baggy attire.

haveneverlet haveneverlet
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 3, 2010

Beautiful! You have to do what is good for you! Hugs, LW