well i decided to join a gym, mainly in part because my "friend" said we should...and since i had nothing else to do, and the fact that he was my ride, i agreed. stupid me i know....any ways we ended up paying like 80 bucks for the first and last month...then 34 something every month after...he was exited so i was to...-we just started hanging out again after a major fight that broke us apart...- he wanted to start right away...i on the other hand did not but i did because i did not want to be a kill joy...he went for the weight machines i went for the cycle machine and the tredmile....and got bored, instintly....fyi i hate gyms...always have....they make me feel even more ugly then i know i already am... to know suprise he wanted to go to the pool...i agreed....reluctently...but before we could we had to leave and get our swimming trucks and some towels, which coincidently came from me....i let him use mine and i stayed in my boxers...uncofortable yet again but he was happy so i let it go....long story short we got back, headed towards the locker room and started getting ready...he looked good...i on the other hand looked super fat....i basiclly was my own floatation device....!!!! he said i looked ok....a far cry from when he use to tell me that i looked good, or my favorite " you have the best body out of all of us" which is a diff. story all together...any ways we got into the pool and things were ok until he started to play around with me...i can control my self usually with other people but with him it was so difficult...but i managed when we got out it seemed like every body was looking at him, and averted there eyes from me...like i was freaken medusa... or something!!! I wanted to cry, i wanted to leave....i ducked into a restroom and just looked at myself...i turned to my side and grabbed at my side....and started wimpering....i use to be able to grab it with only my thumb and pointer finger, and know i had to use my whole hand.....after i sucked it in!!!!!!.....i was fat and i allowed every one to see it!!!! saf to say i practicly ran to the locker room and changed....after that i went to the varies machines and started to use them vigiouresly....i could not believe i let him see me like that.....i was hidiouse disgusting revolting ugly.....while he was the exact oposite...i should of known better.....

haveneverlet haveneverlet
18-21, M
Mar 14, 2010