Internal Battle

This is the first time I am speaking about my personal fight. I have had issues with my body for since elementary school. No one in my family knows the truth about what I deal with every moment of every day. So for starters I am the oldest of five girls, as well as adopted by the grandparents of my youngest siblings. I know it is rather confusing but stick with me. Ok so the beginning of my issue started when I was in sixth grade when my sister and I hit puberty at the same time. My I adoptive mother would continuously tell me that was not as beautiful as my sister was, that she was an all around beauty. As this was very good for my sisters self esteem, it was the opposite for me. As much as My "mom" would speak highly of her beauty she would tell me that i was "just Cute enough" that I needed to watch what I eat and that I was lucky I was inteligent so that when I dont find asignifcant other who would love me as I am that I had my brains to take care of my self. As I got older this continued along with my other aunts regularly informing me i need to study harder and eat "healthier."
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1 Response May 8, 2012

that's so sad. . . .I personally think we all old our own beauty, even if others don't point it out. It just means their jealous