I suffer from BIID and wanted to talk with others about this. Mine affects two parts of my body and I've been fortunate enough to have one of them removed. I had my lower left leg amputated and can tell you that taking that part of you that doesn't belong actually works! I love being an amputee and everything involved with it. The other part that is affected haunts me still, so I know it needs to be dealt with. Are there others like me who are active here?
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Good for you! Glad you got at least one leg off. I am about to lose one myself. I believe there are more of us out here than what anybody realizes. Trouble is, we have been "in the closet" for so long, but we are afraid of consequences like those that dakwannabe got.

I am writing on behalf of a documentary company. We would like to do a documentary on BIID, and are looking for people who are willing to talk about it, preferably showing your face to camera, but if you want to, both voice and face can be blurred. I hope to hear from you. Thank you very much, Peter

How did you get your amputation. I'm a dak sufferer and hate the legs 3 inch below my hip. It's like a never ending itch

it would be great to talk to them

Maybe they should be brave enough to speak up on here then :)

more should speak up but it's hard I have tried with some old mates and my ex did not end well now in a new relationship and I'm constantly afraid he finds outs

yes I do think there are many out there just like you

I doubt it.