I Doubt That

Maybe too big for some people in society, but certainly not everyone in the whole world! :) For the people they are too big for, they should open their minds and be more accepting people all together. I knew a girl once who was dating a guy who felt her DDs were too big.. He wanted her to get a reduction... Personally, i think it must have been his own insecurity. Love the person you are with, not for having something, or lacking something, but for who they are. The world would be a much better place if people were more accepting. Yes, i love large breasted women (someone has to right? J/K) It makes me want to cry when i hear of someone getting a reduction in order to 'fit in'. More individuality is better than everyone looking and acting the same. I just wish more people could share some of my views, but then again doesn't everyone? :)

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i wonder if i can reach them? what U think??

Well, it is your idea, why dont you do it?<br />
Also i agree no one should ever get a breast reduction.

Somebody should start a group about breast reductions.. as in don't get one.

Ya but its not bad to have a reduction if they are too big... Just cause all of you like big boobs doesn't mean people with big boobs want to have big boobs... I'm not saying you shouldn't like it but understand sometimes people maybe need a reduction.

But im at least glad you don't hate big boobs just cause :P

Im glad u both like it :P

hell ya! :) nice n big n firm... yum

I like the Anime Icon for the group