I Am Borderline... Among Otha Thngz

well im nt gona say much rite nw but i jus wntd 2 share my story. i wuz diagnosed bout 3 yrz ago an feel dat iz da most accurate diag i hav had bcuz i often do thngz on impulse nt bcuz i cnt cntrl myself bt bcuz i feel like i hav 2 do these thngz an if i dnt den i will feel horrible an nva b happy... of course i only feel betta 4 a lil while an den itz on 2 sumtn else dat i hav 2 do 2 feel ok or normal.... diz haz gotn me n trouble quite a few times an also affected lotz of my relationshiz bcuz i do thngz dat r irrational bt i dnt kno wat else 2 do... there iz much much more 2 dis stry but i feel like er thang i hav 2 say has already been said so many timez dat it rly duznt nd 2 b sed n e mo so yea mayb anotha time i will gt n2 mo detail...thx 4 readin i guess... btw i am a 22 (almost 23) yr old black male frm da middle o nowhere nc an i hav a 2 yr old son who im tryna spnd mo time wit an teach him stuff an i wana take him places an do interesting thngz so he duznt hav 2 spnd his life goin frm one xtreme 2 da otha tryna figure out wat life iz sposed 2 b bout
insaneoutside2003 insaneoutside2003
22-25, M
Jul 18, 2010