Complicated ...

i hate being a teenager sometimes .
they cant diagnose me because im too young , i have 3 and a half years to become normal or else i'll might get borderline .
my social worker told me that borderline personality disorder is one of the options for my diagnoses , it really scares me ...
i just feel so empty when im alone , when im with someone ...
i have a girlfriend that i love more than anything , but even when im with her i feel empty sometimes , i dont want to even think about how empty i would fell without her .
i know it's not helping , but i started drinking and smoking too , i do it too much latley and im pretty young to do it more than wants a week .
i feel like i keep falling down toward being borderline and no one can help me ...
some days , i feel depressed enough to lose hope and some days , i feel complatley normal .
does it mean im insane ?

thank you for reading , if you have anything to say , you can say anything you want .
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well , describe fear of abandonment ...

feeling empty is one of the biggest things i associate with bpd<br />
<br />
do u have fear of abandonment?<br />
<br />
bpd is like normal depressive life feelings that are just magnified more that other peoples..<br />
for many reasons...everyones are diff so i couldnt say....but mainly from some type of insecurity<br />
<br />
so wut u need to do is find that insecurity and fix it.