Bpd Is Tearing My World Apart!

I am 29 yrs old and I was diagnosed with BPD in 2007. Since my diagnosis my quality of life has gone down dramatically.I am in a relationship that i have been in for 8 yrs and it has torn us apart. I feel everything to the hundredth power. it takes me so long to get over being sad or angry. Then there is the insecurity, and not knowing who I am the list goes on. Is there anyone who can give me any tips on how to pull it together long so I can actually get better.
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The one medication which has worked for me is paxil. I don't feel anger anymore, that is good. Thou, it is probably still there, just directed all at me. Which is good. I don't want to hurt others because I am in pain.

Hey I am also 29 and just been diagnosed, would love more info as well, am pretty freaked out.

Well, to start with - know that we are here for you, as we are all going through very similar demons and pain.<br />
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I am 29 as well. I been diagnose last year. But I must of had it seen I was a child or early teens. It seemed to have gotten even worse in the last year. I am currently single, and part of me is glad, as I remembered how out of control i used to get - and how it magnifies all of my emotions. Being on my own makes it easier to manage - sometimes. But the loneliness, at times makes me fear for my own safety. I am not well. I know. And it get so hard to make daily things right. <br />
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Are you on any type of treatment? DBT? Medication? I have been recommended a book call "The mindful way through depression" by Jon Kabat-Zinn.<br />
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Try to remember that we are not BPD. It's not a permanent state. People do recover from this, though it doesn't feel like most of the times. It's good to remember that we are not our feelings, nor is feelings facts. Have faith and keep reaching out and talk to others that is accepting and understands. Be sure to be good to yourself, and hopefully, your partner gives you the stability that you need. <br />
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Have faith - in life - in yourself.

The funny thing is I am on medication. My mood are not all over the place like before its just everything else. I agree with you on sometimes trying to forget the diagnosis but there is always a constant reminder. I am sorry that you still struggle with this. If you ever need an ear I am here for you.

Medication can help to begin with and then therapy (ACT, Mindfulness, DBT etc...). There's no easy way, god I wish there was. Sometimes I find it better to try to forget the diagnosis or try to 'normalise' it - when you struggle to have an identity, BPD can become your identity. Try to be kind to yourself. But hey, I can't talk, it's a still a struggle for me.