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Last summer I was in and out of psych hospitals, 5 times within 3 months. The first time I was there they diagnosed me with bi-polar and a mood disorder, and the last time they diagnosed me as bi-polar with borderline personality disorder. They never explained to me what it meant, what my 'symptoms' were, what I could do. I've researched it, and I'm still not entirely sure. I dont know how to catch it when its starting to creep back into my life. I asked when I was in outpatient, and they weren't even really sure. I just wish someone would give me answers to this. Any help?
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DBT therapy was designed specifically for BPD. It involves mindfullness, self-soothing, distress tolerance, and something else I can't remember LOL. I have had BPD for all of my life and it really is an up and down sorta thing. One day I'm in control and totally hopeful, and the next day I can't stand being awake so I "take to the bed", my own particular little escape. Antidepressants will help with the anger, but not really anything else. Hope this helps if only a little.<br />

Thanks, that does help. I didnt know that the time of year affected they know why that is? I'll have to try and start writing down how I feel throughout the week. I'm horrible at remembering to write stuff down though lol. hopefully I can do that. thanks =]

U have to really pay attention to your moods. start keeping a detailed journal of how u feel every day. Be sure to always date ur enteries. That can help u see if theres a pattern in ur mood swings or if you get unusually depressed, angry, impulsive ect at a certan time of the year such as spring or fall. a journal can also help your doctors understand u better. I hope this helps u. Stay strong ur not alone.