Where's My Life Boat?

Just needed to vent a bit today..... =x

So freaking tired of my moody unstable emotions. And how I pop in and out of contact with people. ..it’s a wonder anyone sticks around..

I usually don’t connect with many people.. and occasionally when I do, or think the possibility is there I go full-on blab and scare people away.
It’s like I get caught on this emotional wave and don’t even realize it until it’s too late and I’m drowning. I relate myself to the ocean a lot..I guess it’s because of its mysterious depths, and tides that can turn from calm to turbulent at any moment. ..easy to lose yourself in something as vast as the oceans.
and yet it’s strange because being on the beach near the ocean is also what most calms me..sitting on the sand under the night sky..staring out and listening to the waves against the shore..no place I’d rather be..

I’ve been mostly calm/apathetic as of late so this swell of emotional nonsense caught me a bit off-guard.

I wish I could make you see/sea

nenia nenia
26-30, F
4 Responses Apr 3, 2008

it almost seems better that way so, you can't be hurt. From my last relationship when I was completely open and codependant on my ex turned to ****. Now, I seem not to be able to have feelings like that for anyone, I am however, still attracted to the wrong people, but ive learn to supress my desires.

I've wondered many times why ppl stick around. I've f*ed them over so many times it's unreal. Broken their hearts stolen money been emotional rollercoaster. I know what you feel on that one.


People stick around because you are loved.