Living With Bpd

I'm 19 years old, I suffer from BPD. I have all the symptoms, yet the mental health people won't give me a diagnosis they have put me on an alcohol course (even though they suggested I might have bpd after the assessment) . I'm fed up of reading self help books, and trying to work things out on my own, I need some real support and coping techniques because I'm becoming my own worst nightmare and I fear that if I do not get help soon, I may do something stupid. Anyone else have problems getting a diagnosis? And are there any group chats for people with bpd at all?  
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I was diagnosed with BPD about a year ago, your not alone... it took me like 5 years of professional help before i was finally diagnosed. I know how irritating and frustrating it is to be shuffled around and not be given a straight answer. Like you i had to help myself a lot, if i hadn't spent so much time researching my symptoms i never would have gotten a final diagnoses of BPD. I was diagnosed with a million different things... mostly depression but i always knew that it never quite fit... finally i came across BPD when i did an online test. i had every symptom but one... reading on BPD i felt like it was my own biography, i couldn't believe it. i printed off the test and took it to a psychologist and had him look at the test and my results and asked to have a full assessment of BPD done on me. after a 2 hour assessment, he also spoke privately with my husband and asked my husband a ton of questions regarding my personality and my behavioral traits, and after about an hour of that... he brought me back into the room and confirmed that i did in fact suffer from BPD. it took 5 years and although it wasn't a diagnosis to be pleased with i at least finally had an answer. after diagnosis i took part in a full-time dialectical therapy group. to be honest it didn't really help me.. however it does have a very high success rate for most BPD individuals. i have gotten rid of a lot of negativity in my life... and ended relationships with negative ppl who r triggers for me (like my mom and my sister) and it has helped a lot. also finding someone i trust to talk to about how im feeling has helped (my husband) & i still see a therapist who specializes in BPD once a week. i still have terrible days but for the most part, everything i have done so far has really helped.

Hey there, I have bpd too, been diagnosed for only three years. I've been receiving dialectical behaviour therapy for it for the past couple of weeks and I find it helps. A combination of that and really researching coping techniques and finding a good support network has helped me so much.<br />
If I can help you out and support you at all, if you're willing to message me, i'd feel more than pleased to do. Basically I don't want to see anybody else have to live the life I've had to live because of crap mental health systems or any other type of ignorance. Please message me if you think i'll be able to help at all.

Were you referred by someone to get dbt? Thank you so much for the support, I agree about the mental health system lol. Have you got an email ?