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Just moved house and changed Doctors. Went to the appointment to get another prescription for my anti-deppresants and I happened to mention bpd to him. He acted like it was an illness that did not exist! He said that there was not alot of help out there for the condition. And then continued to patronize me and ask me what kind of therapy I was 'looking' for. I mentioned CBT and DBT and he completely mocked me and said what is TBT? I was like no. I said DBT. And he Just laughed and wrote my prescription out and said he'd refer me to someone for me anxiety. To top it off at the end of the appointment he said 'Can I trust you not to overdose if I give you more than 10 tablets' What a DOUCHE! Anyone else have any stories like this about there doctors and bpd? Is it normal for doctors to be like this about the condition.
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shelbys89 is right. Drop that doctor like a sack of rectangular building materials. Some doctors can't really help looking down on patients because the years of rigorous studying and competition with other students can give them a sense of entitlement, but suppressing that is part of what's collectively known as "good bedside manner". Sounds like that guy isn't even trying, and that is not conducive to a healthy doctor-patient relationship.<br />
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You might want to consider finding a book on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and giving that a shot. I've had mixed results with it, which is still better than the total lack of beneficial results I had back when I was on anti-depressants. Just a warning, you can send yourself into a depressive death spiral with certain exercises, so experiment with extreme caution.

Find another doctor! asap! I'd report him, too. You were seriously asking for his help and he belittled you. My doctor was understanding about my condition. He asks how my medicine is working and if it needs to be raised. He asks about my therapy. He has never, not even once, belittled my BPD. I suggest you find a doctor that's willing to REALLY help.

A lot of doctors are like the one you've described. Very narrow minded and short sighted about mental health. They may as well be telling you that you're a liar!<br />
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My own GP is like that at times. He won't prescribe me the proper meds I need, or on one fun occasion he told me and my mother that I should carry on self harming, because as long as they were just 'superficial cuts' and not suicide attempts, I was fine.<br />
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Other times, he's great with me and he can't do enough. He's supportive and he actually suggested CBT to me, because I knew nothing about it.<br />
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I agree that you should report this guy and try to find a doctor who knows what he's/she's doing, and will have a better bedside manner about them.

OMG I would report him.....but that's my BPD speaking. What a D***! Anyway I'm here if you wanna talk about it. I feel that way when I go to get my sc<x>ripts refilled at my family doc. I won't go to another shrink for them b/c then I feel like i have to tell them, you know what I am. But, I guess I shouldn't let it become me or be me. I should be me! Sorry for your bad experience!