I Am So Many People

Wake up from last night nightmares
I start to cry
Sometimes I think it would be easier if I said goodbye
I wont
I dry my eyes to look for a job
I am broke I am worthless
I don't have a degree because I quit school a bunch of times
How am I suppose to finish when I don't even know my own Mind?
Monday a musican, Tuesday a baker, Wednesday there are three?
Three of me, but who am I?
I feel like a lost 26 year old
and I'm losing time
Pretty face but they wont date me
I am baggage, they do not want to fix
I let the world know to much
It's men I chased for to long and now I feel like a smutt
Why couldn't I be perfect?
Why did I have to be the clown
Making everyone laugh while on the inside I drown
I go to more places for a job but they wont take me
For the first time in my life I cant fake a smile
I am too thin, I wouldn't even date me
I chased all my friends away
wondering who would be the next to take me in
I am a good girl but I lived a life of sin
Someone take this guilt away
It is worse for me because I am impulsive
I give people a reason to talk about me
I am close to Jesus, but I don't even know If He can save me
MissWiztress MissWiztress
May 9, 2012