Its Taking Over My Life

I have a ton of triggers and I deal with a few of them on a daily basis which i can not stand and i cant help but to get pissed off over them. My mood swings are pretty bad too. This morning is a great example. I pretty much planed out my exs day and then figured out a better, faster way to do it. When I went to tell him about it he cut me off and told me his plan which was actually harder then my plan but after hearing his plan I got really pissed off because all i was trying to do was help him have a little bit of a relaxed day instead of running around all day and staying up all night or worst of all not getting what i need to get done done right or on time. This was my plan for him today: Wake up 7:30, take a shower 8am , eat 8:15-8:30, walk the dog till 9:30, clean the garage till 10, write part of his paper till 11, go up to his old apartment takes 30 minutes to get there so he would be there by 11:30-11:40, clean out the old apartment for 30 minutes so he would fill the car up until around 12-12:10, then grab the paper bored, pick me up from work at 3pm and then go to his appointment thats at 3:30. My revised plan: Wake up, shower, eat walk dog, clean garage, write paper, have two hours to relax before picking me up, go to appointment, then go to the dollar tree pick up some paper bored, go make the signs then go to my group meeting at 7pm.

This is what happened: Woke up at 7:30, took a shower, ate break fast, walked dog till 9:15, sat down and started to watch a movie, after arguing for 20 minutes he decided to go down and clean the garage, at this point it was almost 11am, argue some more...argue some more, now im not sure what hes doing but I do know he is NOT picking me up from work, the signs will NOT get made and I will NOT be going to my group tonight. See how much could have gotten done if he hadn't cut me off before I even told him the plan. Because he cut me off before I told him my plan i now dont want to do anything anymore. I was also suppose to work on a fake rock for my lizard however I now do not have the motivation to do it.

I woke up feeling great about my day and now all i want to do is go home and go to sleep
YoucancallmeJuliet YoucancallmeJuliet
26-30, F
May 10, 2012