A Family Trait

I have written before about how my daughter can trigger me sometimes. She doesn't mean to, she just does.
I ran away from home when I was 14 and to this day have never been back. Now that my own child is 15 I find myself consumed with worry and doubt. I see her as I saw myself, asking myself is she ready to take on the world like I did, the answer is no. Unlike me, she was never abused, she was allowed to be a child and have fun, do things, play sports and have sleepovers. Unlike me she was hugged and told how much she was wanted and loved. I tried to raise her with love and hopefully confidence.
But now she's showing all the traits of depression that I have, she is so sad all of the time. She has no confidence in herself, and no love of others. How can she be raised so different from myself and still turn out so similar? She isn't emulating me, her depression is genuine but I just can't figure out how to help her. I've been thinking lately of sending her to live with some of my husbands family, maybe the change of scenery would help, but that scares me to. Isn't that like just giving up? I tried to be a good mom and failed, so now what?
graychylde graychylde
36-40, F
May 11, 2012