Happy Birthday! You Have A Personality Disorder!

I was informally diagnosed with BPD last year by my therapist (who works in CBT). My parents could only afford a few visits because of their benefits and obviously it wasn't enough to help me completely through it. I was advised to see a psychiatrist, get a formal diagnosis and then seek DBT in a government sponsored program. Since I was 17 at the time, my psychiatrist said that I couldn't have a personality disorder, therefore concluding that I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and put me on Zoloft and then advised I see a general counselor. The medication got rid of most of the symptoms, but I got a lot of new ones that are almost as difficult to deal with. My counselor (as nice as she is) was redundant and I didn't feel much progress.

I turned 18 recently and now it's easier to seek the treatment I feel is best. I have a few appointments with my initial therapist and I feel like they are going well. I am on a waiting list for a DBT program and they should get to me in a year. I hope this treatment will be sooner than that, but I guess we'll see.

Basically, I felt like I was denied adequate treatment because of my age, and when I was about to write my story, I was told that I couldn't post anything if I was 13. I think this support group should support individuals regardless of age and that rule should be revoked.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

They have age restrictions on here and in psychiatry for a reason though. If people on here are talking about triggers (self harm etc.) then it wouldn't be nice for a kid under 13 to be reading about it. Kids are impressionable (as are adults), but still, it's not there to stop people accessing support and information.<br />
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Hormones and puberty play a big part in mood swings and impulsive behaviour, plus you need to have experienced symptoms for about two years to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist, so they won't really start to look at anything until you're 18+, so they know it's a recurring problem. It's just the way they work.

Psychs are reluctant to give minors hard core diagnosis for a number of reasons. BPD is really not the end of the world and the good news is it is treatable with therapy. I can sure relate to how difficult it can be to get said therapy and I would not waste my time with a therapist that did not specialize in this disorder. If you are going for county help you want to talk about how much this affects your activities of daily living. A phrase also used when seeking government services.