"everyone Feels That Way Sometimes"...really? How Bout All The Time.

One frustration (out of the millions) I am running into that people say things to me that I dont think they realize are so hurtful.

"everyone feels that way sometimes" or "thats not just you, I sometimes feel that way too"

These statements imply that I am experiencing something normal that everyone deals with and Im just not strong enough.

not good for my already fragile self esteem.

*and when I am told that I am blaming everyone around me and not taking any responsibility for myself. I AM! I have learned to check myself, to retreat when angry instead of lashing out, to ask somebody to repeat themselves instead of reacting to what I thought they said....But I can only do so much on my own, yes i feel that if my "loved ones" would do a little to help me out it would make this struggle a little easier. Instead i feel like they may as well just cast me out since the effort Im am putting into recovery is not enough and If Im still that much of a burden even though I am now trying then its hopeless and I should just give up all together and go back to being an uncensored crazy person. At least then I didnt have to sit and fester in my own feelings of anger, rejection, frustration....you name it, its all there.

Sometimes it feel like the work I am putting in is not worth it. If my efforts are not being recognized then why am I trying?

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3 Responses May 16, 2012

It truly is frustrating. People constantly telling me that I'm just going through what everyone else is going through and to just shut up is the reason I'm so unbelievably unstable. It lead me to suppress anything I felt because I knew no one would listen/believe me and now I've just completely lost it.

Hi I get that too, my ex partner actually said it to me the other day after trying to explain to him what it was I was going through. His reply 'well that's like me, well actually that's just normal for everyone' yet at times he calls me a psycho ... I did not realise that being Psycho and Normal were along the same lines???!!! It is hard to get people to understand it, but you will find a few that will and it makes it seem a lot better, and I have started realising that and think 'so what' about those that don't wish to open their eyes to what it is fully, and only hear what they want to hear. People don't like the abnormal so I guess they tend to look at in a way that it could be accepted as the norm. (I don't know if that makes sense) I managed to explain to my Granny whom I am now living with what its all about and she was supportive which was great, so you do only need that one person to make it feel better. Just don't let any one get to you, as it won't help! xx

I feel that way, too. I have only one person in my life that is willing to help me with my BPD. I am thankful for him. The rest, like my mother, seem content to pretend like I don't have it. They don't even really know what it is. I've tried asking them to please at least look it up and read a little about it. All I can suggest to you is to keep trying to get people to understand. Also, ignore that crap about everyone feels this way sometimes. We are not normal. We do not feel things normally. And arguing with them or trying to tell them differently probably won't work. People are stubborn and hardheaded.