Therapist Won't Tell Me Anything.

I have been seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist for a couple months now. When I first went in my psychiatrist said that she is diagnosing me with a mood disorder not otherwise specified because I was underage and she wanted me to see the therapist to get more of an idea of what is happening. My therapist is great and we connect very well. A couple sessions ago I brought up to her that I've had multiple people inform me about BPD and after doing my research, I would really like to have a conversation about it. She just nodded her head and changed the subject. At my last session I asked her if she had any ideas of what might be wrong with me, because I would really like to know (I feel like that is a normal thing to want) because it's just difficult for other people to understand what's happening which stresses me out even more, and all she said was "I don't like giving people labels. I like to work on one problem at a time". I'm so unsure about what to do. I know it's borderline. I relate to bipolar, but not as much as I do to borderline. I'm on lamictal but it isn't helping. Things are getting so much worse as the days go by and it's already completely turned my life upside down. I had to leave high school in the middle of my senior year because I mentally and physically couldn't handle my anxiety and moods. My 18th birthday was two days ago and now they don't have "you're underaged" as an excuse. I don't know what to do in this situation. I don't know how to tell my damn therapist to tell me what's going on.
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I started CBT a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about my diagnosis, but my therapist told me that it isn't good to focus on BPD, but on ways to improve my behaviour and thoughts. I suppose they may think you'll get a bit caught up with a 'label' and may not react well to it? I'm 21 and only saw a psychiatrist once, and that was for my diagnosis. I don't really trust them to be honest.<br />
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They don't usually diagnose BPD in people younger than about 19 anyway, so maybe they're not ready to fully diagnose you yet?<br />
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You could approach the subject a different way and let them know that you just want more information or that you'd just like some clarification?<br />
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There's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say!<br />
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