I Think I Was Misdiagnosed

I haven't been diagnosed with borderline, I have been diagnosed as bipolar mixed type. But the more and more I have read and then thought back, the more borderline fits better. My mood swings are a lot more transient then I have seen other bipolars describe. I can be really really depressed but it only lasts a day or so, not the days/weeks of how people describe bipolar.

My relationships have been up and down and all over the place for as far back as I can remember. I fall hard and fast, get really really intense and think I am on top of the world. But then my craziness gets in the way and things go wrong, and I both cling desperately and push them away. I've cheated three times on my husband due to getting too involved with friends/other people, the newness is exciting, and the problems/challenges of an established relationship, the hard work, isn't there. So I go through one whirlwind relationship after another. But none of them last, its all fake and flimsy, not built on anything real.

I also self-harm as a coping skill, when things get really bad and stressful I can't process emotional/mental pain so I make it physical, usually by cutting. I started cutting when I was in middle school and just haven't really stopped. It had lessened slightly, but then when things got really bad this past year or so, I started back into it more hardcore and have a lot of new ugly scars.

I have an appt with my psych wednesday to get my meds evaluated as I almost went inpatient this past friday due to being extremely depressed and overwhelmed.

So I know no one can diagnose me but my doc(s)...but does this sound like anyone else that HAS been diagnosed with Borderline Personality?
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YES. This happened to me too. I am in the health field- and my interest is actually in psychiatric disorders. It's well-known to psychiatric healthcare professionals that there is a common misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, mainly because the traits are so similar. But here's the most important thing you should remember: it doesn't really matter what the diagnosis is, but the TREATMENT is what is important. <br />
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Treatment (in a nutshell): The literature shows that the only effective treatment for BPD is what they call "DBT" (a type of therapy- you can google it). I strongly recommend therapy, because it helps you sort through issues. It is nice to have someone to vent through feelings with, as I am often so overwhelmed by mine. Therapy has also enlightened me on where my issues stemmed from (mostly my father). I do also have chronic depression and ADD, according to my psychiatrist, and I am medicated for that. I've noticed that when they added the mood stabilizer to my medication regimen, my impulsive thoughts declined dramatically (specifically, my impulse to cut). Again, no medication has really shown to be particularly effective in BPD as a single diagnosis, but if there are comorbid psychiatric conditions, it is definitely worth speaking with your psychiatrist about.<br />
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An additional note about therapy: I know it is often expensive, so if money is an issue (which it is for me b/c I'm in grad school), look for a therapist that offers sliding scale patient pay. It's fairly common.<br />
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As far as your symptoms are concerned: yes, your symptoms align more with BPD and less with bipolar disorder. One of the biggest differences in the two is the rate at which your mood cycling occurs. In bipolar disorder, a "rapid cycler" is someone who cycles between depression and mania around 4 times a year. In BPD, as I'm sure you're aware, people cycle on a daily basis, multiple times a day. <br />
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I wish you the best in your recovery. I've started reading a book called "The Buddha and the Borderline" and I've found it interesting and comforting. It makes me feel not so alone. <br />
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Hope this helps you in some way. :)

Well, I was 11 when I was diagnosed as BPD. Bipolar Disorder (diagnosed with that in March) can feature rapid cycling, and can go to the extremity of mood swings every couple hours or even minutes. It's not uncommon for BPD and Bipolar Disorder to occur at the same time. But yes, you sound like you could be borderline.

Please be aware that BiPolar mood disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder are not uncommon in being misdiagnosed by professionals. Also BiPolar has several subsets, such as BiPolar I, BiPolar II, Cyclothymic etc.<br />
Both of these can have overlapping symptoms. Also any disorder can vary by degree. Time and experience by a professional can determine the difference. I've been diagnosed with both. It took me quite awhile to get past the fact that YOU are more than the symptoms of any disorder! YOU may have a collection of certain traits bt so does everyone. Believe in yourself. Believe in your uniqueness, Believe in YOURSELF for you are Special as no other.<br />