Newly Diagnosed With Bpd

Hey! I was just diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder a few weeks ago after 10 painful years of trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. If anyone could share some of their stories about when they were fist diagnosed that would be amazing! I'm kind of going through this family thinks that mental illness is just an excuse to act however you want, and hasn't even bothered to do any research into BPD in order to help me. They get super awkward if I even mention it, so it kind of makes me feel like maybe i COULD control how I feel if I tried hard enough. I feel like I'm giving it my all every day, but every day is a struggle. I'm basically a complete mess right now and would like to hear some stories so I know I'm not all alone :(
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It is angering to be diagnosed after such a long time. In my case I lost 2 families (4 kids), my business, job, friends, and eventually everything till I was sitting on the side of the road with no fuel in the car, no money, no job, and no home. Basically no hope. After hospitalisation I was finally diagnosed and able seek help. DBT, psychiatrist and Zen relaxation have helped heaps (and meds of course). It was good to know that all the bad choices in my life were the illness, and I can one day be trained to not think that way any more. The one thing I can't do is make my family understand its a real illness with physical results. I can not explain to them the pain. They think u can just "cheer up". Diagnosis is the first key to recovery :) good luck

Thank you! I'll definitely be checking out that book! I've been doing a bit of research on it already online. Right now I'm just worried that they misdiagnosed me again. For 10 years they said that I just had anxiety, or depression, then it was bi-polar disorder. I'm just scared that they are wrong again this time, or that they're right, but I wont get better with treatment.

This is what I responded to someone else, and it might be of interest to you:

I am in the health field- and my interest is actually in psychiatric disorders. It's well-known to psychiatric healthcare professionals that there is a common misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, mainly because the traits are so similar. But here's the most important thing you should remember: it doesn't really matter what the diagnosis is, but the TREATMENT is what is important.

Treatment (in a nutshell): The literature shows that the only effective treatment for BPD is what they call "DBT" (a type of therapy- you can google it). I strongly recommend therapy, because it helps you sort through issues. It is nice to have someone to vent through feelings with, as I am often so overwhelmed by mine. Therapy has also enlightened me on where my issues stemmed from (mostly my father). I do also have chronic depression and ADD, according to my psychiatrist, and I am medicated for that. I've noticed that when they added the mood stabilizer to my medication regimen, my impulsive thoughts declined dramatically (specifically, my impulse to cut). Again, no medication has really shown to be particularly effective in BPD as a single diagnosis, but if there are comorbid psychiatric conditions, it is definitely worth speaking with your psychiatrist about.

An additional note about therapy: I know it is often expensive, so if money is an issue (which it is for me b/c I'm in grad school), look for a therapist that offers sliding scale patient pay. It's fairly common.

I wish you the best in your recovery. I've started reading a book called "The Buddha and the Borderline" and I've found it interesting and comforting. It makes me feel not so alone.

Hope this helps you in some way. :)

There are some good book titles out there for both the diagnosed and family members. I would always look for the latest publication date since strides have been made in the treatment and approaches to BP. Also the prognosis is not as negative as it used to be. One book I found to be concise and informative is titled 'The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide'<br />
Authors: Alexander L. Chapman and Kim L. Gratz .<br />
Talk therapy such as DBT and CBT show promise while some meds c may be able to medigate some symptoms.<br />
Don't let BP define you. You can define your own life with the proper help and SUPPORT. You are not<br />
fully responsible for your emotions. Get help.<br />
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I hope you feel better soon, and I hope that you learn more about BPD; I think that when you better understand what it is, it helps you identify your own weaknesses to be aware of. Best of luck to you. It is a struggle, but just know that you have the power to overcome the impulsive, self-destructive urges.