My Doctor Dumped Me

Ok so I have had the same doctor for years, I actually liked him somewhat but more to the point after years of being treated by this doctor I felt I could trust them.  which as we all know is not very easily achieved when you have bpd.  I was being treated with a mood stabilizer but I showed signs of allergy so I was taken off it.  I wasnt prescribed anything in its place.  I was asked to see a therapist, Im not knocking therapy Im sure it works wonders but I am not at that stage yet where I am comfortable with the idea of going.  I thought if I was sorted with the right medication I would be more balanced to go. 
well anyway back in march i got a letter saying an appointment had been made for me, the appointment was due for this month may.  I thought seeing as i had two months to come round to the idea I might warm to it........
Then I started to take panic attacks, I used to take them years ago but this time I actually woke out of my sleep in a deep crazy like state of panic. I phoned my doctor the next day. In which i was told my doctor did not want to prescribe me anything until the therapist seen me..... in two months time!!!!! I left feeling asolutely abandoned.
so I have had no contact with my doctor for a number of weeks, my therapist appointment came up and i phoned to tell him I wasnt going and why I didnt feel up to it.  ( i have went there in the past btw )
My doctor wasnt best pleased, I suggested he consider putting me back on mood stabilizers because although i showed signs of allergy to lamictal it was making a big improvement to my life. in which case I got a very cold NO!!!! No reason, no, do you want to come in and we can talk about your options, Nothing.... that was the last straw, I said "ok  I get the feeling you no longer want to treat me, feels like your trying to pass me over to a therapist to treat me, your not even giving me the respect of explaining why I am not right for these meds.maybe i should not be on your books if i am too difficult to treat" i hung up the phone in such a state. 
well the very next day i recieved a letter in the post which was a "change of Doctor" form!!!!!!!
I was annoyed by this but now i have calmed down I am wondering does this happen alot?? Did I over react?  Or was i right to feel abandoned?
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I don't think you over-reacted,he should have given you an answer as to why he wasn't offering you another medication similar to lamictal... Leaving you like that especially if he knows you have BPD was not the most caring thing a doctor could have done... I hope your new doctor is more willing to help you.I find inositol helpful for panic attacks,just a suggestion.My doctor has done something similar,not wanting to prescribe me something for high anxiety & OCD that has helped me until after I see a therapist in 2 weeks,she wouldn't explain herself either,just hung up on me! She was very rude & didn't even bother listening to me after asking questions.Makes you wonder why she bothered to ask them.I've asked for another doctor,she never really helped me anyway.I was really upset too.<br />
Good luck!