Why Am I Having Such A Crappy Day Today!?

It would seem I woke up on the wrong side of bed or something! I've had a few good days recently, but it hit me like a tonne of bricks this morning. I have an empty/frustrated feeling. I asked my partner what time he would be back from work and he said he didn't know but it would be a late one.. This put me on a downer as i'm not working at the moment.. Normally I can find things to do with my day when he's at work but for some reason I have NO motivation , I've tried 'going to sleep' but that doesn't seem to work, I'm hot and depressed, someone help :(
josiemaria90 josiemaria90
1 Response May 23, 2012

You sound almost EXACTLY like me. I have no job right now, either and when I was involved with my roommate , it would feel like the end of the world for me when she'd say she's gonna have a late day at work. It wouldn't happen all the time, I mean my reaction like that, but there were just those days (still are) that I would also have no motivation. I could never figure out why. It felt so random. I learned to try and distract myself from that empty and lost feeling before it got so bad that I'd hurt myself just to feel something. I see that you wrote this in May, so I know this won't help you right now, but in the future try coloring ( I know that sounds silly!) or putting happy music on while reading a book or something. It doesn't always work and Lord knows when you feel like that, it's VERY hard to even snap out of it to stand, but just try it. :)