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The more I embrace my dark side, the happier I feel. Why?
I want to be alone so noone will get hurt by my actions...
leftvan leftvan 31-35, M 2 Responses May 31, 2012

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I know what you mean! It makes me feel terrible. When ever I am doing something wrong, I feel AMAZING. The problem with me is, I love people, I care about people. I want to be evil and crazy more than anything, but I don't want no one there when I end up so ****** up I need help.

i kinda felt tht way too at the begining happy tht i was sick....happy tht i was crazy....made me feel som kinda thrill...rly stupid i know...but hey saying u want to be alone....dont do tht...if people around u want to around them...ur wife is thre right...i mean..she loves u....ur kids r thre tthey love u too.....dont abandon them...thts the last thing they need. think about it...wat if u were in their place n had a dad with BPD....u wudnt want to be abandoned thre for them...i was very selfish n thought abt only me when i was sick... it was the bigest mistake i ever made...