Does anyone else take this? I was just prescribed it and I'm not sure how I feel about going on an anti-psychotic. I don't hear too many great things about it, so I was just curious if anyone on here takes it.
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I was on that. It's also called seroquel. It was the worst medication I've been on. It made me tired and sluggish. I didnt want to do anything. I slept all the time and I was moody, irritable and snappy more than normal. I was a lot worse, it was horrible. <br />
I have Borderline Personality Disorder, depression and anxiety problems.

My close friend takes it, its the best thing to happen to her! She has borderline personality disorder and depression. She was in and out of hospital due to suicide attempts for years and struggled to sleep, was never happy and she couldnt even function properly. This drug almost fixed all these problems, she now sleeps through the night, is able to work full time and she SMILES! The negative effect i know of are that they make her hungry all the time and so she has put on a fair bit of weight. Im not sure what the side effects are supposed to be but in my experience the pros have waaaay outweighed the cons!

i feel taking medications(drugs), legal or not somewhat clouds the mind and makes it not as easy to think clearly or work on deep emotional pains- i have gone from seroquel back to my drug of choice- as i feel my drug of choice made it easier to think clearly, not drool all over the place, and actually get somewhere in therapy- but medications affect everyone differently, for me the tiny amount of weed i smoke(although not ideal, and im working towards drug free) is much better and safer and less toxic to my body that seroquel was- i did try seroquel quite a few times, and the side effects for me were too severe. weed has negative side effects, but for me, not as many as seroquel did, like i said, drug free is the best way one can work on their minds, emotions and thoughts, but for alot of us, the pain is too great in the beginning to be able to acomplish drug free living straight away.