Ice On A Plate!!

I went out to dinner with my husband. I have been tapering off lithium and am very emotional and don't feel well. He doesn't understand any of this. Anyway his salad plate had ice on the bottom of it. He was complaining and it pissed me off that he had ice on his plate under the food. A manager walked by and I complain very nicely. My husband flips out and tells the manager it's fine, it's just ice. They are looking at me like I'm crazy. I am so mad. I'm not speaking to my husband currently.

I know it was probably his responsibility to complain but I told him I was saying something and he didn't say anything. He says I embarrassed him. I'm thinking maybe I should up my lithium back up and be a zombie again when I didn't give a damn about stuff as much and had few emotions. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar and recently told I'm borderline personality and don't need lithium btw. Am I out of line? Anyone else got put on lithium and got off it successfully?? I want to scream right now!!!
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Did you experience a flood of emotions when you first started tapering? Crying, laughing, raging, happy, very depressed-----feelings you never really had on lithium bc you were a zombie? I'm at the halfway point now. I was on 1200, now at 600 for 3 wks. I'm scared these emotions will be more intense when I go lower, but I know I have to get off this crap. My appetite has decreased too and I am barely eating. My fear is they won't let me get off of lithium. I am much more irritable but I was like that when something pissed me off before lithium. <br />
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Oh I was on seroquel for a couple of yrs. I slept all the time, was so out of it. Felt awful! I gained 40 lbs on it too.

I have bpd, have not been on meds since I had bad postpardum depression. I quit taking zoloft cold turkey, it made me a zombie, did not care about much, gained any baby weight I had lost back and some more. So now I am too stubborn to see a doc, let alone take meds. This may sound stupid, silly, simplistic but my bf went to a store called Inner Path and got me a lithium quartz pendant and I did not even believe in that kinda stuff. I really think it has balanced me out some. The sterling necklace and pendant were around $25, I wear it all the time. Amnetyst has some good healing power supposedly, maybe you could look into that. Up to you. Take care!

I quit lithium several months ago and felt SO MUCH BETTER and still do. It was hell, and the more hellish thing for me was going almost all the way off seroquel (btw, NEVER go on it)....but I'm so glad I quit lithium. I was on it since I was 11. I'm not such a damn zombie . I'm here to talk if you want to talk. It's hard but worth it.