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but by a good doctor.  I read the DSM and I fit the profile enough.  Not the full criteria but many of the criteria.  i am starting DBT soon.  I hope it works. i would love to learn to put myself back together so my life isn't always bottoming out when exterrnal structures dissapear- like when school ends or a job or relationship end.  I often dont have enough money in the bank to make a transition smoothly and end up in all kinds of ****- not to mention thedeep depression and total loss of self. id ont want to be a sad story of someone who had a lot of potential but just washed out of life and never met it.  I mean i do wash out of life periodically, but always get back up.  would love to not wash out again and build on my accompishments and efforts to be a sucess and use my talents consistently.  Would love to have an enduring loving intimate relationship with a life partner, love to meet someone who can handle that I have issues that I work on.    Brother has Asperger's Syndrome.   a bit of a non sequitor.  Have losta lot of time, repeated years of school, education inturupted several times, depression stops my life cold.  Despite this I have completed graduate school.  32 yrs old now. realizing running out of time to be a mother and that I actually might not be fitto be a parent.  I'm a writer/ filmaker trying to come to terms with all this.  Oh well.  that's all for now. 



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4 Responses Apr 28, 2007

you ar ean inspirational girl you have done so much with your life my lif eis over i get up just to breathe again keep up the good work truly truly amazing

I haven't been diagnosed, but I've read up on it and think this is me. Your story sounds like my life. I hope your therapy works out.

DBT is a very good therapy for what you've been diagnosed with. Linehan's work is some that I that I hold in very high regard. stick with it, even when it hurts and you're going to come out even stronger.

You sound like like an interesting and brilliant person. Have you got a second opinion on that diagnosis yet? I hope you can get everything worked out and that some day you can make all your dreams come true.