Some Ppl Shouldn't Be Here

OK....I am starting to realize that some people on this page shouldn't be here. This is not a joke. It is where some of us who really need to get advice and release pain,to turn to for strength and support. This group is callled "I HAVE BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER." . If you don't have BPD or living with a BPD victim, or trying to learn about it, then please show a little respect to those of us with an illness that makes us fragile at best.

ok - i have decided to edit what I originally wrote here. I just want to tone it down a bit because all i really wanted to say was that some of us need to be able to talk with other victims without mindless idiots making us turn away from this valuable resource. We are in enough pain as it is and need a safe place to talk and know we are not alone

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if that wa sme im soory if i hav edone that i wshe dmor epeople would talk more i like to talk about my pain this is a streuggle everyday i dont know waht keeps me going honestly really what for when we ar ein so much pain i hope you guys will feel a bit better

im so soory if that was me

It wasn't. :)

Here here!!! I haven't run across one yet. I hope not to, but doesn't surprise me that they are lingering about

Have not come on here in a while , glad to see someone else on here noticing the dumbasses who post that have no business being here. Exactly why I left

You are right some people shouldn't be here in this group, but we should welcome everyone to this group so they can read our stories and understand what we going through on a daily ba<x>ses. There are horrible,rude ,insensitive people out there to anyone they please to be. Its not right to be that way. We all have the chance to share our stories and educate people on our illness and how important it is to acknowledge that this is a serious illness and to give their support. We have all said once upon a time Others,Those or normal people don't understand or they judge reality we sound just as bad as they do. For the people out there who want to take action and help support people with mental illness then I'm thankful for them,but not everyone will see it that way,unfortunately.I can only imagine what it is like for my husband,cares but he doesn't understand. But the most important thing is we have to continue to help ourselves this is our mind and body,we know exactly what goes on in our head. But you are not alone.i feel the same way,i"m trying to change my mind on how I think. I have wish my illness on several people before,but I take it back,we have this illness ,its part of us,we can gain control back. It just means we have to fight harder for things in life and we are STRONG PEOPLE if we have this illness and have to deal with cruelness the world can bring. Don't let anyone make you feel anything less then you are. I wish you the best in life,keep on writing you stories, i hope i didn't upset you or anything,but that just my advice on how i think we can all handle this. Take care..

I meant reckless and violence...I should edit

Because of my bpd, postpardum depression and wreckless impulses caused by them, I ended up in court ordered anger management classes due to a domestic violemce issue. Luckily it was my first and only offense and ended up being dismissed due to diversion, so I still have the right to bear arms. Lord, help us! Lol:) I had to pay for the classes, I admitted I had a problem and the classes actually helped. I think self improvement is an ongoing process, not a destination.

I'm a man too, diagnosed with BPD, and I see your rage as being equal than mine. I understand you, when I'm angry I'm not just angry, I can kill somebody. I'm new here so didn't see people without BPD joking about us, but seriously if ones jokes with me being BPD or my arms cutted, on streets... Boy...

My prayer :- Dear Karma, may any person who dares play with the emotions of a BPD sufferer, please suffer this condition themselves. It's the worst thing I can wish on anyone. Going to hell would be a light sentence in comparison LMAO.

no need for that post is there- not meaning to be critical but thats what karma is isnt it? so it goes without saying that those who play with emotions of others will receive whats deserved- the essence of the word Karma, dont waste your time being angry at what other say aussieaz, karma will get them one day, u just focus on u and try your best to not let negative comments upset you, or hamper your progress so far, they are not worth giving your thoughts or posts to, are they?

so so true im so sorry that we all go through this hell hugs to you all for being courageous and to be able to go on