We'r In Love But We'r A Mess

We been together for long time, our relation started exclusively happy and alive then we tumbled down and on top of that i screwed up but returned to her, still my past screw up is big ugly stain hanging in her memory but she mostly manages to get over it (which i do admire coz it's not easy to get over it, bpd or not) . Since the time we'r back, our life been ups and downs untill recently the downs been prevailing and we haven't been close or have a sweet talk or even smiles that last for over few min and it's been like that for a year now. We'r crazy in love, but she lost the hope to fix coz she see that every time we try, i dont seem to understand her and then we argue and the argue turns to fight and she feels pain that affect her daily life, so she decided to take a corner and balance between keeping what she have and keeping her sanity , our relation has complications that even normal couple would suffer...that's an important thing to add, thank you so much for reading untill this far. It's my first day and first post, message me for more details to enable you to help me, or share similarity and hopefuly i can help you

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Sep 6, 2012