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I hate my therapist. He is great, (as far as therapists go) don't get me wrong. He speaks with a soft voice and he makes you get all trusting and then he gets in your face and ****** you off. What is he thinking? Is he TRYING to get me to get up and punch him? He says things like, "I am only helping you because you say you want help." I am so glad that next week is my last week having to talk to him.

He has no idea what I had gone through and even though he says he understands, (all that edjumakation) he has absolutely no idea why I can't trust anyone or why I push people out of my life. Why does it always have to be me that has to be the nice guy? If that batch at the reception desk is rude to me, what am I supposed to do? He says kill em with kindness. I have a better idea but it's illegal.

I am so glad that I have others who understand me from the inside out. I feel like I belong (although we are from the land of misfits) and I am just fine with that. Who says we are different? Why? Just because we say what we feel. Someone had to be the one to say it. If not us, who?

Thank you to all of you who spend the time to read my posts and a special Thanks to bpdandbaby for being such a great support. Here is to us!! Cheers!!

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You should try and find a therapist who has been in your shoes...or well...has had a problem with mental illness IMO. I think a lot of people go into that profession for that least for two of the books on depression I'm reading. The one therapist says she still has her demon pop up once in a while...I think a lot of times they do that too because they need to get a reaction from you to figure out where to go, but if it's officially your last appointment well...then whoever wasn't really doing a great job and should have referred you to a colleague.

Sometimes we are all we got girl! They (therapists) just don't get it do they. I totally understand how you feel. It has taken me a few years to get back into therapy because of remarks like the ones you have mentioned. It's not an easy path but we will get better. Maybe not seeing him anymore is a blessing in disguise. Keep your head up and thank you for being my friend!

Doesn't sound like a good therapist at all! Unfortunately there are dooshes in all professions.