Why Cant Understand Bpd ?

Think of our emotions and triggers as Bumper cars and it's pedal ,In Bumper Cars, we push the pedal half way and we expect it to go half speed, that makes sense. In my early trys to understand bpd , i thought well.. Ok, maybe my partner fully push the pedal and so i expect her to be double my speed , but later i realised the equation is not that simple...it's like a bpd is bumper car equipped with multiple notches gearbox like street car, and so there's no way to assume speed according to how far the pedal is pushed. So in brief, what i understand about bpd is that it's almost impossible to understand it. I believe that's a breakthrough! It's good step to admit you cant fly a jet based only on that it has wings and tail like your small aircraft. By experience and after lots of struggle and pain, i could only expect how she react , but i almost stopped trying to understand why, thanks to my friend "Auss***" , he inspired me to write this when said that he feels a bpd seems like having a part in brain that dont exist at others. My humble believe is maybe you should stop urging others to understand you, but save their power and let them try to know how you react and what triggers you. Maybe some will see my tip as a naive perception, i cant blame them or i would have been bragging about how my partner and i are 100% happy.
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Lol...not sure how to take that. I was just passing on a theory another sufferer said in an interview. I am still waiting for someone to show me how to explain BPD. I know the signs and symptoms etc, but know idea how to describe the pain. I'd love to be able to explain to normal people how it really feels. <br />
You are wise trying to stop it at the triggers. Don't know how that will work, but hope it works well :)