Maybe Borderline: Never Feeling Safe

I do not hav ea diagnosis of BPD, so technically I do not belong here. You could say I'm self-diagnosed, as I do recognize a whole lot of traits. However, I do have a diagnosis of PTSD and DID, and I know both of these can mimic BPD.

The trait I currently experience mos timpairment from, and I think it's both a BPD trait as well as a DID trait, is never ever feeling safe. I hav ea huge fear of abandonment/betrayal, and when people actually hurt me, I take forever to trust them again. I have often fled my place of residence in a dissociative state and wandered. My old treatment provider chalked it up to impulsivity, while my current therapist feels it is DID-related. Anyways, I am looking in eveyr place I can look for support on how to deal with this constant need to flee from relationships,familiar places, etc. out of fear of betrayal.
astridetal astridetal
31-35, F
Sep 10, 2012