It happens alot that a bpd feeli like his/her partner is neglecting , not interested or dont care. What if the non bpd partner is the one who felt those feelings? What if he declare them and brought them to discussion? Will that trigger somethings ? Will it turn against him ?
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Tough one. As much as I believe partners need to communicate, personally, i think it would be playing with fire to discuss it. What if you accidentally touch on her fear of abandonment ? You will have to tread carefully. You know a lot about her illness so you know what can happen. Remember she is the one who is sick, and you are the wind beneath her wings. You are the strong one, but it is only human that some days you will be down and doubt if it is all worth it. Her illness is temporary, your love may last forever. Only you know the full situation so I wish you luck. You have friends here for support :)