The Cracks Will Let In The Light

When I was finally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, I was relieved. Okay, so now we know the problem..what are we going to do about it. Of course, I follow all the symptoms. I have emotion swings that can last for ages. I have constant feelings of inadequacy. I have a fear of being alone, even now I am almost 40 and never been married. I often feel like I am going to die alone. The impulsive was the worst part, from my sexual tendencies to drug abuse. I have had numerous suicide attempts but always someone finds me and contacts 911 to save me. I suffered depression badly and at times still do. For years the doctors would try different medications on me and nothing worked until last year. It took 20 years of trying different cocktails.

But people with borderline personality disorders have incredible talent. Angelina Jolie is just one fine example. I am thankful for my medication, without them I would not be able to survive and lead a normal life. I am thankful to my creativity, particularly my writing, and Canadian Mental Health Association.
RavenmoonCanada RavenmoonCanada
36-40, F
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Being thankful for our positive attributes really helps ! Good for you x x