Long Journey Of Confusion, Frusturation And Heart Ache.......bpd

I have Just Recently Been diagnosed with BPD(Borderline Personality Disorder), The short version is for so long i have never been able to cope with everyday goal's and task's like the average person......I watched all my friend's cope and live and be very capable human being's, Isn't that what we all want but for some like me doing the washing can be so challenging at time's. I have had intense unhealthy relationships with men at time's so dependent on them. I have never had self esteem I have loved men and pushed them away...i have pushed my friend's away and lost so much.....mainly respect for myself for failing at everything i try to do in life. I have 3 Beautiful children and recently over a few week's i completley broke down felt like i wanted to gas the kids and myself. I ended up in hospital i am now 29 years of age and finally have a diagnosis......I am just wanting anyone out there to tell me thier stories how they have coped with this illness and any information they can tell me. May all of you that have been diagnosed with this heartbreaking illness find support and love and reach your goals no matter what.....xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Wow ! Im really upset to see the highly judgemental responses from people here :( :(
Toby I hope you are feeling better and yes, you CAN reach you're goals . Obviously you had a very frightening crisis. I hope you find the help and support you need . I will share my stories here and tips definitely but not if people post such un-supportive responses. I don't think they have BPD or even have a clue what it means to live with this disorder.


I think almostperfect said everything u have to think about right now.

I've been diagnosed a while ago now, and it can be very hard to learn to deal with this..
But look on it from the other side, you have you're children, which make u happy and give u a reason to stay and work it out.

Most people that have bpd don't have anybody, or at least, it feels that way.

"Gas the kids"? This is one of the sickest things I've ever heard. If you could even start to contemplate something so evil you need to take your kids somewhere they will be safe. it's bad enough to talk about harming yourself, but harming your children? Get help!