Real Question.

I have borderline personality disorder and i have read and learned so much about it and one thing i always read and hear from books - therapists - other people who have it - friends and family is "with alot of hard work and strength and long term therapy you'll make it."
now my question it - what does "make it" mean. does it mean actually heal, recover, become borderline-free OR does it just mean that i'll learn to live and deal with it the best way i can and live the best manageable healthy and stable life coexisting with the illness.
is there a cure? can one recover fully from it? or does one just learn to accept it and live with it the best way possible? Thanks
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When I am triggered, I feel like I haven't learned anything from all the years in therapy. But then, I don't do what I used to do when feeling triggered. I now accept what is. I don't say you will ever get over it, but you can accept yourself wherever you may be. I have to work on that daily. I have heared of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy that is about this present time. I learned some things from it. Radical Acceptance is one of them. At first when I was diagnosed, I was mad as hell. Now, I can see why I have this problem and try to deal with it the best I can. Therapy worked for a while. then I had to try it alone. I'm doing o.k. day to day. Best hopes for you.

Great question.

I wish there was a clear answer. Perhaps the co-existing is the best answer, but that isn't as bad as it may seem right now. I like to think of BPD as a monster or seperate entity taking up residence in our head, and the situation is more about control rather than think it is a part of me (perhaps a healthy denial lol).

I think i am coming out of years of BPD now. I haven't asked my doc yet, because it's only a week and a half and 12 months before he predicted, but something is very different. Missing. I feel like that constant presence is gone from my head and i find myself communicating better and joking with others. I see things more clearly and less tainted by anxiety, paranoia, negativity etc. I'm not the dude hidding behind the mask in the corner and disassociated so much now.

I think that the best way to describe it is this: "my life really sux at the moment, but it was 10 times worse and more horrific with BPD running the show.". I am mostly at peace now and able to think without those emotions taking over. We survive and win.

I doubt there is a total cure, BPD definitely leaves scars, but by recognizing and understanding the beast we can let the light and and make it shrink back. oh....and a bit of patience. Personally I feel more in control and prepared for some bad things that are about to happen soon which are out of my control, and i know i will cope. Beating BPD doesn't seem to be a conscious battle any more. :)

Well that's what i believe. May you find the peace, strength, support and hope you need. This horror will end if you fight. You will win.

Best wishes,