I Have Boderline Personality Disorder, And I Absolutly Hate It, Everyday Is So Hard To Get Through, Its Like Your Forcing Yourself To Be Here And Your Not Meant To Be, I Self Harm And My Behaviours Are Sometimes Very Impulsive, I Get Attached To People Really Easily, However If I Feel They Are Going To Let Me Down, I Detach Myself And Hate Them For A Reason That I Dont Even Know Myself, I Have Had BDP Since I Was 14 And Im Not 17 Going On 18 And Everyday Is A Constant Struggle, I Wrote My Story Because I Want To Get To Know More People Like Myself So I Realize Im Not The Only One Going Through This, Please Comment Guys :) xx
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getting attached to people ,sounds about right.i begin to think too much over people or then i remove a close relationship with friends from being paranoid

Yh Definately, You Just Want To Curl Up In A Ball And Die, Just For Someone To Take It Away From You x