Too Many Sides Of Me

I am not any one thing. I know that no human is. As with most of my species I have a gambit of emotions and attitudes. It just feels that each one has its own personality and set of rules and unfortunately a voice, an often annoyingly loud voice and they all sound like me. Whether its an opinion or emotion it always seems to be shouting and reverbing around my skull as I rarely let them out. I feel this may be a little much for friends, family and strangers around me. I sometimes mummble aloud or sit and gibber and fidget but never at full blast. Sometimes its sheer anger and venom, other times mania and lunacy and even empathy and compation. This is not always a curse, sometimes a blessing as it has been known to cheer others.
This is not a story full of woe but a message to those that read it and feel the same to know they are not alone. That extremely loud inner monologue that teases, taunts, cheers and claps. Its what makes
MyShaddow MyShaddow
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2 Responses Nov 11, 2012

I feel exactly the same way. Sometimes I think and try to figure out who or what I really am. I never come up with an answer.

I feel this was put very well.Thank you a lot for this expression.