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I have been in dark places ,I have felt glory ,I have been no where at all.All these places I will go again.That is guaranteed but i hope I never gain the seed of hatred or greed.

Never 100% if it can or not.I had this real clear thought for a second.I wanted to write this down.I wrote this down on facebook ,someone commented and asked why would you make stuff like this so open if it is personal ..I suppose I am suppose to hind my feelings ..maybe?
Just think it is true though.I do hate complete endless ramble on there about how their boyfriend is such an a hole or something but i decided to share on here instead maybe a wider range of people could read this.

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It is good to see that you don't delude yourself into thinking that you might not see these places again. sometimes that can be hard if you make yourself believe you won't x

I've read a few things about Borderline Personality Disorder - i can't still grasp the idea of it. I haven't seen people yet who have that trait.

Facebook is the same as dealing people outside in the social norms. It's not open and we're suppose to pretend everything is okay.

Yeah.We are suppose to pretend I think.It's real hard at times.No one truly cares and that's okay.

I have had a hard time explaining bpd to people .It is just a person who has a hard time dealing with emotions.Learning life skills is basically what I do in therapy.

And Thank You! For reading this and rating it.

"It is just a person who has a hard time dealing with emotions."

but it isn't that a bit too simple, i've talk to someone before about bpd but it seems that Narcissism was a part of it in that specific situation.

your welcome! i didn't know you can see who rated you nowadays.

bpd is very confusing hahah ..

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That's why I loathe Facebook and all it's "social-networking" BS. EP all the way, if you want people to actually care about your emotional state. FB is the high school of the Internet. All popularity games and trolls.

I don't see what is wrong with sharing feelings. I am glad you did. I liked it and I agree with you. I hope to see the rest of the poem. :)

Guys my mother in law and I finished this by a poem we both wrote back and forth to one another .I will have to post it later on.

I don't use facebook, as I've said, but I do hope this site is of comfort to you my friend.