Attempt Number 2

I just tried to kill myself again.
Slit my wrist way deep. There was so much blood I couldnt find my artery.
Ended up with 15 stitches.

Told everyone it was a shard of glass.

I dont know how I feel right now.
Yorkebaby Yorkebaby
18-21, F
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wow.....seems to me that I wrote these stories...
well i did this for 8 years and it was really useless.....try to stay happy and have fun in life.....self harm feels good but later you realize that i was a fool.

I did that june of 2011 and got 10 staples and they forced me to go to detox for 3 days with NO MEDS :( Im sorry. You feel kinda out of place when ur alive but u should be dead..

R u ok

R u ok

What are u up to

Trying to distract myself from life.

Just ask if u need it

Give me your no I will call you I'm in aust but I font care

Thanks so much. Im alright :)

Let's not exchange numbers. I live very far from Australia anyway :) We can talk here
and thank you

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R u ok

I have bpd but I still argue the diagnosis I'm a gp and don't believe it . I think I have bipolar . That's not the fact its hard to accept pd but its not a death sentence. Some people like attention some if the time we like attention all of the time

I just wish people would realize the torture im in. Friends, family.
Maybe it's a cry for help.

I know that it feels like the worldis closing I on you but its ok I've done it all of hanging I even throw myself in front of a train and it only makes them think that we are crazier and because it'd pd they never admit us we just get sicker and they don't seem to help

It's bad and it only gets badder but eventually when the get u on the right meds it gets manageable for most of the time. But never always

R u ok

Im alright, thank you.
Thank you for your help.
What meds are you on?

It's not worth it you have me stressing several continents sway wilk give u my ph no it u want to talk I will call u if u want. Ive been there life means nothing when u r labelled but I'm still here hopefully do r u

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