My Emotions Are On Steroids

I was just wondering to myself what I would have to do to have all the chaos happening around me still happen, but NOT have it affect me. Is that possible? Is that unhealthy? Is there some cognitive trick to observe and then accept it and move on? It seems selfish when I say it out loud. Maybe its possible to let it affect you, but not negatively. Look at things differently and remove yourself from the picture, its not about you.

Humans have emotions. If someone gave you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you wouldnt be unemotional and blind to yours and others feelings. You would feel happy and thankful and smile. If someone gave you a clump of mud, you wouldnt want to hurt their feelings and thank them.

They say to respond, not react, but sometimes a reaction is involuntary and there isnt enough time to develop a proper response. Thats when back peddling becomes necessary. What do u think about not being able to be affected by your environment?
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I can only wish!