Poem about my feelings in a relationship

The emotions run wild around my brain
I can't control it so I go insane
I abuse you, torment you and tell you to go
But underneath it all is just a small girl screaming 'please no'
I feel lost, hopeless and empty all the same time
All that I need to know is that your mine
The anger, pain and confusion in my heart
Makes me believe we will grow further apart
I hold on to you for that very last moment
Hoping you see in my eyes the truth that is unspoken
I love you,I need you, I want you right here
But all I can do is shout and scream I don't want you near.
enchantedjinx89 enchantedjinx89
22-25, F
3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Thanks for sharing this...I think it highlights a big part of BPD, which is that we love the people we hurt so, so much. I know I've only ever gone BPD-tarded on people that I utterly and completely loved.

This is exactly how I feel, exactly what happened tonight during a fight with my boyfriend and father of our 2 children. I've been diagnosed BPD over 6 years ago, I take medications, but until tonight I have never really thought other people could feel the same as I do. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem. I am truly amazed how much it describes me, and can see that maybe I am not alone.

Love your poem. : )