My Life With Border Line Personality Disorder

I look at the world and try to put into perspective what they perceive as normal to which I perceive as abnormal.
Where is this person behind this disorder?
Or have I become so accustomed to the knowledge that I have this mood disorder that I no longer wish to find my true self - or the truth behind this disorder
Is it all in my mind or does it really exist
Have I just accepted that I will life with this disorder my whole life and in my mind this is my excuse for my emotional outbursts, insecurities my flaws
What makes me abnormal and the rest of the world normal or are we not all in a way just all the same in way we all have BPD
Jay04Sch Jay04Sch
41-45, F
3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Hello Jay04 Sch! You've been added into my circle! Welcome! I too, have BPD!!! You're not alone!!! Enjoy your weekend!

awesome, may the forces be with us.

<p>I looked up BPD and I think my exLover either has that or BP Thats one of the reasons I wont let go. Everybody on EP says I need to get over him, he probably has another woman. That may be true, I may need to take their advice, I just may be in denial but I need to know for sure if this man is ill. All the symptoms are there. Its so hard to believe because he is a well educated man. Any suggestions?</P><br />
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What a saying!wow am short of word

Thank you