Manufactured Memories

Just curious wheather any other BPD victims find that they have crystal clear memories that they have had all their life, only to find out that trusted people around you swear those events never happenned ? I thought I was just about better but now i am scared shitless of how messed up i have been. Please respond if you get the same problem.

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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

i have that too, but i know it happened... my thoughts come so frantic and fast that it is hard to distinguish what really happened and what didn't on a day to day basis. I believe that if it affects you often then it happened. No one knows your experiences better than you do yourself.

thanks :)

maybe the memories really happened..and you are the only one that knows.just because you dont have a witness..doesnt mean it didnt happen.

Thanx man, I thought it was just me. Perhaps there is a BPD link.

Yup, definitely had those before. Don't believe its bpd related though, even though I have that as well.