Early Morning Anxiety

Lately, I can fall asleep fine but I wake up at 1 or 3 am with crazy anxiety and am awake from then on. I open my eyes and realize my stomach is doing cartwheels, my heart is pounding, I feel dizzy and my stomach is upset. Its been this way for months and I just got new insurance so hopefully I can see a doctor soon.

I know its caused by subconscious stress because it doesnt happen if I am not stressed out. I take Klonopin but want to figure out how to cope if I didnt have any. I smoke marijuana to calm the nerves but that just has a tiring effect on me, like Benadryl. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? I try to stay stress free but cannot help it with this family, I have tried teas and supplements and I can hear me yelling inside of myself to relax, calm down and breathe but I cant.
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I know exactly how you feel. I go through that pretty much every night and I have to see the doc soon for migraines/sleeplessness/fatigue... maybe it is just part of the disease? Mindfulness is helpful, i was on klonopin for a while and i found it just medicated the issue, and tolerance to the drug builds fast. I no longer take it and suffer major anxiety/panic attacks but i am so sick of feeling numb and the klon just makes it worse, plus i abuse drugs and the temptation is too strong for me. when I wake up like that i tell myself over and over that i am safe and become mindful of the sensations around me. It doesnt always work but it is definitely worth the try.

Wow, really?? It happened again today and i dont want to take the klonopin either. I need to see thr dr soon too. Youre so honest about abusing them and the temptation for you, i am the same way but have never admitted it. Thank you!

read more..hypomania doesnt have to be elation..it can be aggitation...irriatability..rage...ect read up on bipolar 2

Im so sorry to hear about your child. I am disabled from a failed suicide attempt so I hear you when you say it can be overwhelming. Despite that, I am off meds mostly and looked up hypomania and I dont get the elated state. Im just not sure. Some meds help for a short time but I develop a tolerance quickly and am sensitive to the side effects. I will do some more research. Thank you!

you changed your post a little since i first read it..did you?? The very buzy mind is also a symptom of hypomania....my mind never stops...

i have done alot of reading about this..you can google (bpd vs bipolar) lots of info..also bipolar one is different than bipolar 2...also lots of info on line. although the shrink says mine falls under bipolar the bpd is what i also identify with,big time not the bipolar symptoms.the shrink says it doesnt matter what you name it..you have a mood disorder. with bipolar they treat it first with a mood stabilizer and then antidepressants and therapy..bpd is mostly therapy ...with meds to help with the depression and anxiety..but if you are bipolar the antidepressants can make you manic or hypomanic if you dont take a mood stabilizer first..i didnt like all the side effects and none of the drugs ever helped me at all ,and therapy is out of the question..i certainly dont want to dredge up all the old pain.So i have gave up and am not seeing a doctor or taking meds or therapy. if i hear what doesnt kill you will make you stronger one more time im going to puke...what doesnt kill you doesnt make you stronger...it gives you bpd. im sorry if my message is not positive or uplifting..ive been living with this for a verrry long time..also i have a long difficult marriage and my only child is disabled..so i sometimes get the poor me syndrome...but i try not to wallow in it. best of luck to you. i wish you well.

That was my first diagnosis but i identify with all the borderline traits. What is that and how is it treated?? Thanks for your response!

sounds like hypomania to me. are you bipolar??