Therapy Today

My fiance wanted to sit in today on some things he wasn't clear on and talk about my past cheating which I hate doing. As I listened to my therapist describe me and all my bpd and bipolar it was honestly hard to hear. I want my diagnosis to be wrong so badly I tell myself everything is fine when i a mess. Have your therapist go over all the things that make u bpd if u are like me. It will help with perspective.
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

My therapist wants my fiance to sit in so she can help him better understand what i am going through but i am terrified that it will scare him away even more. I know the feeling. stay strong...

That is very true, putting a name to it helps a lot. You cant solve a problem if you dont what the problem is. It was a good thing to have a mediator there who is a professional and can help him understand you. The sooner you accept your diagnosis the sooner you wont stress about it.