I Have Bpd

I am glad I found a group for the actual people with Bpd, & not just the families. I will admit realationships are rocky and fast unless somebody tells me I will drop them like everybody else so I have to prove them wrong. I drop people before they can hurt me & I am pretty open I say EVERYTHING that comes to m
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@teeandhoney I apoogize for replying so late! I havent forgot about you, just the other day I wondered if you were still having sucide problems? If you ever need to talk I on the other end of the phone @4056409088

You're SO right!! i type in a google search for forums for people with BPD and i get nothing but a bunch of bull sites out there for people 'recovering from a relationship with a BPD'!! 'A BPD'! I haven't even been diagnosed yet, but i'm More than sure i probably have it-my counselor is in the process of figuring out if it's BPD or Bipolar since they're so similar and all-but I mean has anyone noticed that there are Idiots out there that actually believe that They need 'recovery' from Us??!!! It's 2am where I am right now and honestly i've been completely in suicidal mode for the past idk-maybe it's only been a week this time idk, my moods are literally up and down nonstopped (should be used to that by now though I guess). I'm alone in this Stupid apartment again-my roommate goes home every weekend (says she's homesick) and that's fine and all I guess, she could keep me company every now and then though, but whatevs right?...it's pathetic (me, not her i guess)...hopefully at some point I'll be able to toss myself in the bed and get some sleep...

Bipolar and Borderline are at alot alike I have both. I have made sucidial attempts but never have the courage to do it. Which is why I have found hobbies like writing, sewing, working out. I suggest this to you. Whenever we have too much time only I feel like we regress. Which is never good you want to progress. Also, I suggest a mentor and a support group. Good luck:)

Thx-I actually never expected anyone to reply lol ^_^, so thanks a lot! I feel better after a good workout too. I actually do martial arts. I'm trying to up it a bit by adding a bit of weightlifting (not anything big, just whatever I feel will help up my force and power when fighting, guys don't always take women fighters very seriously so idk I guess I feel like i have something to prove most days ^_^), but I actually take a break from vigorous workouts over the weekend, and it's like on those weekend nights when i'm just by myself in my apartment i just suddenly feel like crap. im not a big partier or clubber or anything so when i hang with friends it's mainly shopping or movies-i cant convince them not to spend money really-i feel better with company, but i never tell them what im really feeling-like the counseling ive been going to or anything, they definitely don't know about suicidal thoughts, and i had actually attempted suicide in the eighth grade (i didnt think it would work and it didnt, that's all i'll say about it though), i just pretty much feel like they only see maybe one or two sides of me, and that they just don't know me at all. im the person they vent to whenever they have something stressful going on in their lives, and i like that role for the most part. i feel like if i started to vent to them about my 'issues', they'd probably just think i was 'needy' or something, or won't see whatever's been happening with me as anything pressing or important. i don't even know if my reply is relevant or not, i think i've just been rambling...sorry. But thank you again for the advice ^_^. I have a lot of hobbies, but sometimes i just dont feel like doing much of anything on nights when i'm seriously low, but i'll definitely try to keep them in mind since i really just need to occupy myself enough to get through the night, my spirits are so much brighter during the day.

Crimson is right, and it is hard to find resources that arent just for the families. I have the same symptoms but have learned to sit with the impulse and behave lol. I feel like my mouth is a volcano sometimes and its angry and wont stop. You can learn to respond before you react.

I have never heard of Dbt therapy. What is it? Also, you say you learned how to deal with being implusive?

DBT group therapy is what you need. Nothing else but that and your own will power will get you through.