As my sites says were implusive. I have to agree. For several months cigareetes were all I could think about now its sex like nonstop? Anybody else have an imolusive behaviors? ^Please ingnore my bad spelling. Thank you:)
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I defintely have impulsive behaviors but they dont come in phases like youre describing. Im so bad with shopping and spending money, promiscuity, saving something and using it right away, coming up with an idea and immediately acting on it, saying whatever comes to mind and everything else. But its one day at a time, and you have to learn from yourself. Hang in there, everything will be okay :)

I mine arent phases there all at once and then nothing for a.min and next thing u knw there back. I try to feel the emptyness by doing everything lol.

yes very much, i have a problem with self-harm, cigarettes, drugs, and reckless driving.